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First Trimester Yoga for Morning Sickness

If you are suffering from morning sickness, you probably feel more like lying in bed and crying than practising yoga. I get you. I am in the midst of morning sickness myself and all I want to do is Netlfix and chill. I have created this simple 10 minute yoga practice for those of us […]

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Prenatal Exercise – First Trimester Workout

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!! Woohooo!! And you probably can’t tell anyone yet! You might even feel like a brain dead zombie who just wants to puke all day. You might be surviving on a diet of chips and bread. Or maybe you feel amazing. That’s pregnancy. So so different for every woman. But despite how you […]

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Postnatal Booty Workout for Mamas

The Booty Workouts have been by far the most popular workouts on the Fit Mummy Project App! So I thought I would share a quick booty lift with you all here! Enjoy and let me know what you think! The Booty Lift Workout for Mamas Repeat four rounds of this workout. Twice on each side. […]

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The Fit Mummy Project Ambassador Program

I am excited to invite you to be a part of the Fit Mummy Project Ambassador Program for 2018. I have been amazed by the supportive and inspiring community of women and health care professionals who have embraced the Fit Mummy Project in 2017. I want to be able to give back to you and […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Postpartum Exercise

When I was pregnant with Allegra, I was not only counting down the days until I met her. I was also counting down the days until I would be able to exercise again. I was used to training every day. Even with all my years of experience, returning to exercise as a new Mum was […]

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Returning to Running with the Bugaboo Runner

I have had a Bugaboo Runner for 3 months now and have had a lot of questions about it! When I heard Bugaboo had released a running pram, I got in touch with them as I have always been a fan of Bugaboo Prams (I’ve had the same Bugaboo Chameleon Pram since Allegra was born […]

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Tone + Calm. Two quick workouts for Busy Mums

Sometimes you just need to move. Even if just for a minute to clear your head and bring fresh energy to your body. Sometimes just getting out of the house and getting some fresh air is the best thing we can do for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Make the commitment to move every day […]

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Postnatal Wellness – The Must Read Posts

Postnatal Wellness. I’ve written over 100 posts on this exact topic. But what is it? In a nutshell. Postnatal wellness is simply having the tools you need to take better care of yourself as a Mum. We are all busy. We all want the best for our families. We all want to feel good. Look […]

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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Mums

Have you done your pelvic floor exercises today? More than likely you answered no to the above question. (Snaps for you if you answered yes!). For most women, the pelvic floor is out of sight, out of mind. We often don’t even think about it until something goes wrong or we can no longer do […]

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7 Yoga Poses to Help your Body Cleanse

Yoga is such a beautiful way to cleanse your body and mind. These are some of my favourite yoga poses to help your body cleanse. I have written this post for anyone who wants to help their body in its natural detoxificaiton processes or for anyone who is joining us in the Fit Mummy Project […]

The Fit Mummy Project - The Exercise Guide

The Fit Mummy Project - Exercise Guide is the complete online training program for Mum’s who want to be inspired to build a beautiful, fit and strong post-natal