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The Fit Mummy Project App! Your Questions Answered

Just over one week till the Fit Mummy Project App launches on 27 June 2017! I want to answer some of the most common questions I have been receiving about the Fit Mummy Project App. If you have any questions not answered below – email me or message me @kimmysmithfit! Win with the Fit Mummy […]

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Pregnancy Full Body Workout

I have been getting a lot of requests for pregnancy workouts! Pregnancy is an amazing time, it truly is miraculous to be able to grow a baby in your belly. It is also an incredibly demanding and challenging time. Morning sickness, back pain, reflux, exhaustion are just some of the things that come part and […]

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Post Natal Fitness – Workouts you can do with your Baby!

One of my biggest struggles is finding the time to exercise. I seem to have two lists operating at the moment. The first list is things that I can do with the girls in tow. Play Dates, limited amounts of shopping, some house work etc. The second list is the things I need to be […]

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Post Natal Fitness – Core Restore Program

Obviously in terms of postnatal fitness, gaining strength and tone in your core is right up there. I have done a few posts on stomach separation and core workout for new Mums previously. I thought it might be helpful to bring all of those posts together in a postnatal fitness – core restore SUPER POST! […]

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Post Natal Workouts – Fit in 30 Days Workouts

My post natal workouts are really simple. I move my body for just 10-15 minutes a day most days. I don’t believe that post natal workouts need to be exhausting or time-consuming to see results. But I do believe that you need to be consistent. Below are 14 ideas for postnatal workouts that will help […]

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Post Natal Exercise Video – Park Workout

What is the one reason prevents Mums from exercising as much as they would like? No Time to Workout? I’m not sure if it is true for everyone, but one (very justified) reason as to why Mums can’t exercise is because we just don’t have the time! Or more correctly – we don’t have much […]

Post Natal Fitness Yoga Flow

I love Yoga. #yoga  #yogaeverydamnday #savasanagamestrong #namastebitches.  I am really excited to be sharing a few more post natal yoga videos with you all. BUT! Before that happens, I wanted to give some tips about starting a post natal yoga practice. Yoga is not always the best thing for post-partum Mummas. Hold Up! Quite often […]

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Post Natal Fitness – Glute Exercises

Post natal fitness – glute exercises – just like the Brazilian Butt Lift – butt better. These post natal glute exercises will take our watery postnatal bums and help to sculpt them back into strong, perky glutes.  I love the phrase ‘watery bums’ (which I got from Fluid Form Pilates guru Kirsten King! Check out […]

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The Fit Mummy Hill Workout!

Sometimes we have to be inventive with our workouts. And sometimes we have to be able to make the most of where we live. Where I live I have a lot of hills close by that I can use. If you don’t have hills near where you live, then get creative! Stairs are great. If […]

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Post Natal Fitness – 6 Energising Moves for Busy Mums

Exercise for Busy Mums. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it! Let’s quickly acknowledge the hurdles Mums have to overcome to make post natal fitness happen. There’s the lack of time. The lack of motivation. It’s hard to know where to start. Plus, you definitely don’t want to be doing exercise that is going to make you more tired […]

Fit Mummy Project - The Exercise Guide

The Fit Mummy Project - Exercise Guide is the complete online training program for Mum’s who want to be inspired to build a beautiful, fit and strong post-natal