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healthy family winter dinner, lamb stew

Healthy Family Winter Dinner – Lamb Stew

This is one of my favourite winter recipes from the Fit Mummy Project Nourish Guide. I thought I’d share it with you because I have been loving enjoying these healthy and warming dinners. This lamb stew is a healthy family winter dinner which is warming, nourishing and can easily be extended to last for a […]

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Three Must Have Summer Breakfasts

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. And if you read each of these recipes, you will also notice that each and every one is my favourite. I think I am turning into a 3 year old. Everything is my favourite. Eating out is virtually impossible for us at the moment. So I have […]

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Three Healthy Raw Chocolate Treats!

I love chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. So I am always trying to create healthy raw chocolate treats that taste like the real thing. Here are 3 Healthy Raw Chocolate Treats that I think you guys are going to love. The Nut Butter Chocolate Slice + The Choc-Mint Nice Cream are also great treats to make […]

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Four Healthy + Yummy Chia Pudding Recipes

The Perfect Snack – 4 Chia Pudding Recipes I love a snack that can double up as a meal. Chia puddings are an awesome afternoon treat. I find them really filling and satisfying, plus you can mix it up with some of the topping ideas below depending on what kinda mood you are in. Chia […]

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Super Greens Protein Balls

I love protein balls. Especially the ones I make myself so I can control what is in them! So I super love these super greens protein balls cause they are super yummy and – you guessed it – super healthy! I am always on the look out for healthy snacks which tick all of my […]

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Two Healthy Freezeable Recipes

Your busy. You’re a Mummy and you want to eat well. Difficult to do all the time right? That is why these recipes are the Picture this. You on a Sunday afternoon cooking these super recipes. You pop them into individual containers (individual containers – another purchase that makes you a Grade A Mum […]

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How to make Banana Nice Cream!

A simple to make, healthy and delicious dessert. Yes please! This is one of my all time favourite desserts to make, because it takes 2 minutes, no cooking required! Plus Allegra loves helping me make it. Which I am totally OK with because it is really hard to make too much mess with this dessert! […]

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Two Healthy Recipes Busy Mums can Prepare in Advance

When you have zero time to cook, these recipes can be a miracle sent from virtual heaven. As a side note, I consider myself a bit of a feminist. But if I am ever feeling like stepping into my house wife shoes (they would totally be classic Chanel Pumps by the way), there is no […]

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Is this the healthiest soup you’ll make this Winter?

  This Soup! So much love! I think it is the healthiest soup on the planet! You know those weekends where you spend the whole time eating. When I have one of those weekends, I’ll make this soup on a Sunday night and have it for dinner on Sunday and Monday. Two nights of this […]

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The simple breakfast recipe all Mums need to know

Healthy Bircher Muesli Recipe – 2 Serves Mornings can be hectic!  It is so easy to skip breakfast or just pick on snacks. Whenever I trick myself into thinking that I’ll just have a coffee for breakfast, I know that I eat a lot more during the day and I never feel fully satisfied. This […]

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