Clean + healthy recipes for post natal weight loss and health. Feel energised, lean and strong.

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How to have a Healthy Christmas (or Healthy-ish!)

Oh my goodness, it’s Christmas time! Christmas is still two weeks away, but I have already started eating like it is Christmas Day. Surely I’m not the only one in this boat! Between the Christmas parties, my girls’ kindergarten parties and filling my cupboard with not so healthy treats to gift to friends, I feel […]

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Healthy Chocolate Banana Bread

I have a huge sweet tooth and since becoming pregnant, I have been living off the banana bread from my local health food shop (which is amazing and dairy free + gluten free) but which costs $5 a slice. And since I have developed all other kinds of weird obsessions, I thought I should probably […]

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No time for healthy eating? How to Stay Healthy as a busy Mum!

I love healthy food. Give me a Green Smoothie and a raw salad (with avocado of course) and I’ll be happy as a pig in mud. Healthy eating has been a part of my life for so long that it doesn’t even feel like effort anymore, it is just something I naturally lean towards. But […]

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Three Turmeric Snacks You’ll Love!

I have been seeing Turmeric everywhere lately. It’s the new Superfood. And because I am a marketer’s dream, I dutifully went out and stocked my cupboard with three different brands of Turmeric Powder. If you are like me, and have turmeric powder sitting in your cupboard and no idea what to do with it – […]

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Toddler Nutrition Ideas with Bubs Goats Milk for Toddlers

Just FYI! I have partnered with Bubs Australia for this post. I have chosen to write this post because of the great results I have had with Samara. I hope that if you are struggling with a fussy toddler who is constantly hungry, this post will help! xx For those who have followed my postnatal […]

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Spring Smoothie Recipes

A collection of delicious and healthy Spring Smoothie Recipes from our Spring Cleanse. I will be updating this page with recipes from the Spring Cleanse each day. Thank you to our amazing Partners for the #FMPSpringCleanse! PONO Probiotics and Bare Blends! We are so excited to partner with two amazing companies who both stand for […]

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Fourth Trimester Nutrition – Food to Help you Heal

This is a guest post from Clinical Nutritionist Gina Ulrich. Gina is a nutritionist who specialises in Women’s Health, Fertility and Infant Nutrition. Gina is an Ambassador for Endeavour College and a beautiful Mum of three. She is also a good friend who I have met through social media. Her beautiful recipes inspire me to […]

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Calm + Confident and Clear. The Essential Oils Guide for Mums.

This is a guest post from essential oil Queen and Wellness Advocate Karlie Cunningham from CocoMotion Mumma. Karlie is a Mum, a PE teacher, a personal trainer, wellness coach, fitness lover and essential oils wellness advocate. In this post she shares her journey into the world of essential oils and will help you to feel […]

Delicious Healthy Snacks for Mums!

Snacking is the key to my existence. Snacks and sleep. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to eat a meal and didn’t have to get up and help the girls out with something or another. If you are like me and are looking for quality snacks that will help you to feel […]

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Healthy Family Winter Dinner – Lamb Stew

This is one of my favourite winter recipes from the Fit Mummy Project Nourish Guide. I thought I’d share it with you because I have been loving enjoying these healthy and warming dinners. This lamb stew is a healthy family winter dinner which is warming, nourishing and can easily be extended to last for a […]

The Fit Mummy Project - The Exercise Guide

The Fit Mummy Project - Exercise Guide is the complete online training program for Mum’s who want to be inspired to build a beautiful, fit and strong post-natal