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Spring Cleanse with the Fit Mummy Project

Join the FMP Spring Cleanse – Starting 10 September on Instagram! Why a Spring Cleanse Spring is a time for fresh starts. It is a time where our bodies want to cleanse and detoxify and shake off some of the sluggishness that we have accumulated from winter. It is a time to really nourish our […]

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Baby Björn Baby Carrier Review

I recently gave away a Baby Björn One Air Baby Carrier as part of the Fit Mummy Project App launch! I have loved Baby Björn ever since Allegra was born and we were given our first carrier and bouncer. I have also included two Baby Björn Carrier workouts in the Fit Mummy Project App. I […]

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The Claudine and Ash Nappy Bag – Review

Want to WIN a Claudine and Ash Lou Lou Nappy Bag? Enter below! FMP App Competition I have had a huge crush on Claudine and Ash for about two years now. So you can imagine how excited I am to be able to collaborate with them to giveaway a Lou Lou Nappy Bag as part […]

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4 Ways the Mum + Bub Smart Band helped me to feel in control of my well-being!

Want to WIN a Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smartband? Enter below! FMP App Competition Kimmy’s Note: This post was originally published on Project Nursery. I have re-published it here becuase I am lucky enough to be giving away a Mum + Bub Smartband and I thought that this post was the most effective way […]

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Overcoming the Desperation to Lose the Baby Weight

I don’t think I am particularly vain. I am aware that there is more to me than my appearance. That my value in the world isn’t determined by the shape of my belly or the amount of wrinkles on my face.   I have had two babies, so I am also aware of the ability […]

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My Battle with PND – Joanne from MummActiv

Meet the inspiring Joanne from MummActive – the postnatal fitness brand inspiring new Mums to live a healthy and active life. From the depths of postnatal depression, Jo turned her life around and now inspires other Mums to feel healthy and strong! She is one amazing lady and I am really honoured to be able […]

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Post Natal Fitness – Evening Routine

I studied, I met with medical doctors, scientists, and I’m here to tell you that the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is: getting enough sleep. Arianna Huffington I posted last week about the importance of creating a Morning Routine. As we expand, so we too must contract. And so this […]

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Post Natal Prolapse + Incontinence – My Story

I was originally hoping that the title of this post would be “How I healed my Prolapse.” But it’s not. Because currently my prolapse and daily struggles with incontinence are still a work in process. Please don’t read this as a cry for help. It isn’t. I have had and continue to receive incredible support […]

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The Pressure to “Bounce Back”

Bounce Back. Did you bounce back after birth? I didn’t. Actually, I haven’t done any kind of bouncing since I first gave birth four years ago. Because #incontinence.   After I gave birth, my tummy was like most other postnatal bellies. It was floppy and wobbly and looked like a deflated balloon. I couldn’t help […]

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How to Be a Calm Mum – 6 Easy Tools for Stressed Mums

How to be a calm Mum. Maybe the start is to acknowledge that Motherhood can be really stressful. OK, I’ll reframe that sentence since I don’t like to generalise. At the moment, for me, in my personal view. Motherhood can be really stressful. It can make you angry, frustrated and overwhelmed all at the same […]

The Fit Mummy Project - The Exercise Guide

The Fit Mummy Project - Exercise Guide is the complete online training program for Mum’s who want to be inspired to build a beautiful, fit and strong post-natal