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Relief from Morning Sickness – The Super Post

Hello beautiful Mummy!   Congratulations! If you are reading this, then I am guessing you have just found out that you are pregnant!  I am also guessing that you are experiencing unrelenting waves of naseau and fatigue. Otherwise known as morning sickness. If you are like me, you might have been scanning the internet in […]

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Ready to COPE – a free tool to help women cope with the demands of motherhood

This week is Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness week. Postnatal depression and anxiety affects 1 in 7 women.  10% if women get antenatal depression and 1 in 5 get anxiety in pregnancy and during the postnatal period. And whilst perinatal depression and anxiety affects a lot of  Australian each year, it isn’t something that we should […]

My Postpartum Recovery – Why I Needed a Second Opinion!

This is a guest post by Jessica Ewing of Jessica is a qualified personal trainer, Mum to one and is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports science. She is passionate about helping women to create healthy and happy lives through exercise and education. When I was pregnant with my first born, I […]

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A Positive Approach to Postnatal Weight Loss

As most Mums realise, after you give birth, maybe even for a long time after you give birth, you still look pregnant. Except for one fact. Where there was a nice basketball shaped bump, now sits a saggy partially deflated looking balloon. And that saggy, floppy semi-pregnant looking belly, I didn’t expect that. I was […]

Beyond the Bump – Join me for Brunch!

Join myself and Pelvic Floor Guru, Lyz Evans from Women In Focus Physio for an uplifting morning of fun, laughs, great coffee and fabulous food at the Mum Society Brunch on Wednesday 20th September. Lyz and I will be chatting with Mum Society Founder Kylie Ostle about how to create a happy and healthy postpartum […]

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Cleansing Tips for Busy Mums

We have just kicked off our Spring Cleanse! It is a time to really nourish our bodies and our minds with healthy movement, beautiful food and positive thoughts. This post will help you to make the most out of your cleanse with cleansing tips for busy mums. This Cleanse isn’t about deprivation. We don’t need […]

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6 Steps to Love your Body After Baby

This is a Guest Post by Rachelle Glendon of the Glendon Family Diaries. Rachelle is a Vlogger and Mumma of one. This month Rachelle is inspiring mums to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I have loved following her Instagram journey which is full of beautiful simple tips to help us all […]

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C-Section Recovery – Healing and Toning your Core after Caesarean

Having a C-Section is huge. It is major abdominal surgery. It is emotional and sometimes layered with guilt or regret that your birth might not have gone exactly to plan. I find that as a general rule, we are focused on the birth. Whether vaginal or by caesarean. Little thought is given to the postnatal […]

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10 Steps to Postpartum Weight Loss

I have no doubt that this will be one of my most read post. It is probably the one I would have jumped to in those early postpartum days. Because no matter how much self worth we have, there is always that little voice inside nagging us inside to get back to how we used […]

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The ONE thing Mums should do before Returning to Exercise After Baby

What is the one thing that all Mums should do before returning to exercise after baby? Download the Fit Mummy Project App? Yes of course. It’s awesome and judging from the reviews on the App store, everyone who has downloaded it loves it. But that isn’t what this article is about. And before you ask […]

The Fit Mummy Project - The Exercise Guide

The Fit Mummy Project - Exercise Guide is the complete online training program for Mum’s who want to be inspired to build a beautiful, fit and strong post-natal